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Do you need a Professional Résumé? Done while you wait (approximately an hour) at Roxburgh Park.
Cost? $75.00.
Please see below to make an appointment.
Need to address a Selection Criteria?
This is usually required for Government jobs.
It is also done while you wait (approximately an hour and a half) at Roxburgh Park.
Cost? $90.00
If you do the two on one sitting, (approximately two and a half hours) the total cost will be $150.00.
For separate appointments, please apply individual costs.
Payment: Cash
Please bring exact amount as quite often, I don't have change.
Please don't ask for credit as a refusal often offends.
(Cheques are not accepted).
A Tax Invoice is issued.

To make an appointment, please call
9308 9860 or 0411 868 491
I work 7 days a week

More important information you must read
BEFORE coming to your appointment

What to bring with you to do a Resume
  • Any formal qualification documentation such as Certificates of study or documentation confirming attendance at courses of any type.

  • Any licences that are CURRENT. These are required to make sure that the correct titles of qualifications are included, however, if you know the complete and exact titles, there is no need to bring these. It is not that I don't trust you, after all it is YOUR Resume that YOU sign!

  • Also recommended are the names of 2 References with current titles and contact details. Written references should not be used for this purpose as most people prefer to call the Referees personally. Please do not use family members! It is also standard practice to call and get these people's permission to use them as References.
What to bring with you to address a Selection Criteria

This actually takes longer than a Resume, hence careful planning is required.

You MUST bring with you:
  • The "Selection Criteria" provided by the advertiser.

  • The Duty Statement or Job Description.

  • ANY other documentation that you can get that is relevant to the position.

  • Some positions require completion on-line and in these cases, it is suggested that you print out and bring a complete set of extra forms.

    The Selection Criteria will be completed and provided to you in hard copy and electronic format as well for you to Copy and Paste into the appropriate section of the on-line application.

    It is best that the electronic lodgement be made from YOUR computer to avoid any responses being sent to me.

You don't live around here

Download Skype here
Have a PC and Skype loaded on it

I can still help you with the aid of Skype.

Please Note that this is a trial.

How it works:

  • Contact me for an appointment
  • I DON'T accept eMail data to prepare resumés.
  • At the appointed date and time, you `Skype' me (My Skype name is: Tony.Christoffelsz)
  • I show you the format that I will be using.
  • If you are satisfied, we proceed, if not, no harm done, just a few minutes of our time.

  • Payment
  • Once you approve of the format and I start to prepare YOUR resumé while you are on line, (You are required to be on line while I prepare your resumé so that I can ask any questions as they come up), you are liable for payment.

  • After it has been completed, I will give you my Account details into which you deposit the money, from your desk!
  • As soon as I receive the money, I will either eMail the material to you, or post it to you*

  • *I send you your resumé and Cover Letter template as an eMail attachment for you to download and print out yourself for AUD75.00.
  • If you require me to print the 2 copies (Which I normally provide) with a copy and a copy of the Cover Letter template on CD, The charge is AUD80.00, including postage within Australia.
  • This includes the two printed copies of the resumé (One in a folder and a loose copy) with the CD as well.
  • So, distance is not an issue or a problem; you don't have to leave your home or even your desk!

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    a short message about resumes.

    Thank you for visiting

    Do you worry
    about writing your resumé?

    Well, don't. "A Resume"
    is here!

    If you are in the Northern suburbs of Melbourne, Australia,
    I can do a resume for you while you wait.
    Please call me on 0411 868 491 to make an appointment
    and more details.
    I ONLY work by appointment in Roxburgh Park.
    Thank you for your interest.

    Some Testimonials from some of my clients.
    Arthur of St Albans.

    Hi Tony, I found your resumé works extremely well. I have a lot of feedback on it and I do hope you kept the original version.

    Ricardo of St Albans.

    I approached Tony to compose a resume for me as he was professional, reliable and trustworthy  He helped to sort through my career history and  then to highlight the important moments of significance. The resume layout is neat, ordered and structured. The service provided is reasonably priced and very hospitable. I have no hesitation in recommending other people to make use of this resume service.

    Mohan of Balwyn.

    I strongly recommend Tony, who helped me with my CV and to address the selection criteria. His input in focusing the selection criteria and tailoring the CV to meet the needs of the position was invaluable.

    Sami of Carlton.

    Tony designed and prepared a resumé for me. I'm very happy with the way he prepared a resumé for me and I appreciate that.

    Steve of Pascoe Vale.

    Tony outlaid and prepared my resumé with excellent wording and quality service. This resumé layout and setup impressed the Managers for the job I applied for.

    This is to inform you that the resume I received from you has had very high regards in the manner it was put together and the professional way it was presented back to me. I did receive very high compliments from AQIS in the way my resume was put together for a job position I had applied for. I would like to express my gratitude and thank you for preparing and present my resume in a professional manner. Again thankyou very much, I will recommend your services in the future. Many thanks Kind regards CARLO G Mill Park, Victoria, Australia..

    To download the Resume eBook
    Please see below for some help in downloading this eBook. To go to the bottom of this page Click here

    Why would you want `A Resume'? Well, its a fraction of the cost of getting somebody else to do it for you, for a start, and you could be designing your own resumé in the next few minutes when you download the "A Resume" eBook now!

    What's an eBook? It is an electronic book that you can either read on screen, or print out as well. Why do I use this format? Because you have it INSTANTLY, is cheap and easily portable.

    Notice that there is absolutely no "sales pitch" full of waffle and if you are looking for a proven resumé format, here it is! I hate talking about my own work, so please read the testimonials above from some clients for whom I have prepared resumés. `A Resume' is in the same format that I use when writing resumés for my clients.

    "A Resume" includes tips on your Covering Letter, Selection Criteria and on preparing for and attending an interview.

    The eBook contains files in MS Word for you to open, edit, save and print ready to send out. Yes, it does include the main Resumé, a Covering letter, Selection Criteria and Front cover suggestions.


    Any queries me.
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